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Broadcast & Digital Video Systems
Engineering & Consulting Services

iOrasis family of products: Broadcast Solutions for Matrox's DSX family.

iOrasis allows included applications like video-server, titling, logo insertion, capture and multichannel ingest to work orchestrated on the same channels/outputs. With the addition of OEM.SDK allowing several layers of user customization, we offer the most versatile system available for custom graphics and video broadcast applications. iOrasis is available in SD or HD for Matrox DSX based systems. Read More...


Medical Imaging and Healthcare

Using our extensive experience in imaging and systems engineering we undertake and participate in medical imaging and healthcare projects. Medical applications include the design and implementation of tomographic algorithms and systems, multi-channel video capture and review systems.

Xvue Engineering and consulting Services

We can undertake the development effort of custom projects requiring expertise in software and electronics. Our services may include consulting, software or hardware development including intellectual property rights, integration and testing, or turn-key project implementation under customer requirements.