F.A.M.O.S. FP7 EU funded project

Biophotonics offers low-cost, non-invasive, accurate, rapid alternatives to conventional diagnostic methods and the potential to address European and global medical needs. FAMOS will develop a new generation of light sources with step-changes in performance beyond the state-of-the-art to radically transform biophotonic technologies for point-of-care diagnosis and functional imaging. This will enable optical diagnostics with superior sensitivity, specificity, reliability and clinical utility at reduced cost, heralding an imaging renaissance in Europe. FAMOS addresses optical imaging from molecular over (sub)cellular to individual organs, with no gap in the arsenal of diagnostic tools for medical end-users. The world-class multidisciplinary FAMOS team of 7 leading academic institutions and 10 top SMEs has unique complementary knowledge of optical coherence tomography, adaptive optics, photoacoustic tomography, coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering, multiphoton tomography as well as swept-source, diode-pumped ultrafast and tuneable nanosecond pulse lasers. Combinations of some techniques will offer multimodal solutions to diagnostic needs that will exploit and enhance the benefits of each modality. FAMOS technologies have wide applicability, but our specific focus is the unmet diagnostic needs in ophthalmology and oncology. Partnerships with leading innovative clinical users will enable preclinical evaluation.

The objectives of FAMOS are:

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